Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saying No

It appears everyone in the world is capable of saying "no" except me.

Need a floor scrubbed? A sofa moved ( even if I have a bad back)? Dogs fed and walked three times a day for the next month? I m your gal.

Why does it seem that others can sail through life with seeming impugnity, never worrying whether someone thinks they are not super woman who can juggle business, housework, relationships, producing, crafting and executing the art, Promoting it 2 hours a day, working shows, grocery shopping and getting the oil changed and radiator flushed in a 12 year old pick up truck whilst trying to explain to BF why I am tired. I want to be that Proverbs 31 woman....but that chick NEVER slept.

Today we finally had the show, AFTER a snow day which NEVER happens in Houston. I had to ride herd on a few people who dropped the ball on various and sundry things like adverts, fliers, getting the gates opened, paying their share, etc. I even ended up paying for lunch for most folks. HAHA... I m such a push over. It is my own fault though for not thinking all of this through and I learned a lot from this show. Next time I will require deposits for this free show and a portion will go towards ads and pizza order.

No shows equals no refunds of deposit.
I am all for supporting the arts, but the venue was benefitting from this and they did not do the ads nor tell me about it til it was almost too late. I paid for them out of my own pocket because I keep my word to the vendors. I had already done the press releases and eventlisting, but needed more promos. I bought the signs ( which had errors which was corrected less than 24 before show) No one did the decorations like they said they was crazy!

BUT It was a success that we met each other, bonded and laughed and some had sales for the day. Thankfully some of us had friends and family show up for sales and moral support. I probably spent as much shopping as I did with my sales, but it was well worth it. And I am grateful to my BF and friends for making this a success even though I do not know the word NO yet LOL!

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  1. The "no" part comes with age, kiddo. You learn that it doesn't matter what you do or how much you do for others, not everybody is going to like you or even appreciate you. And at some point you discover that those people aren't really worth your time or effort.
    But the event you organized had more to do with responsibility than a desire to please. Good for you! Nothing would go forward without people like you to take the reins!