Friday, October 2, 2009

Why Make People aware?

click above title to see the chart. This chart represents, from the CDC, the latest stats of violent deaths to females in America. I cannot begin to imagine what it is like for women in less "enlightened countries".

Stories like this one from Florida make me ill, those poor little children paid the price for some "man's" selfish insecurities. Seeing his family as his property, he destroyed their lives and didnt have the cojones to stick around. If someone is so freaking miserablr, take a pork chop necklace swimming and wait for the sharks I would have a lot more respect for a slimy little turd.

....The authorities were searching for a North Naples, Fla., man on Sunday, a day after his wife and their five young children were found dead in their home. Officials and the family of the husband, Mesac Damas, 33, said they believed he was in Haiti.

Detectives found Mr. Damas’s wife, identified as Guerline Damas, 32, and the children dead on Saturday evening in their home in Stratford Place, a gated community. Family members contacted the authorities on Friday, saying they had not heard from Ms. Damas, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office said.

The children were identified as Michzach, 9; Marven, 6; Maven, 5; Megan, 3; and Morgan, 11 months. The two youngest children were girls. The sheriff’s office has classified the deaths as homicides.

The authorities declined to discuss the manner in which the victims had been killed. But Ms. Damas’s older brother, Forends Dieu, 37, told The Naples Daily News on Sunday that a deputy had told him the victims’ throats had been slit.
from the NY Times 9/21/09

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