Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dr Im A Turdface Scuzzymucker, or my adventures in American healthcare

I am so fed up and when I am feeling this way, I blog. And you guys are the sorry recipients of my rants. Read on if you dare.

I have been battling the medical system ( and my own denial) of my health issues since I had that lil seizure in April/may. I denied anything was wrong for a few months even though Dr W. said needed an MRI. So they weaned me off my meds, and I finally got courage to do it when he said we got to rule out cancer since I have never had a seizure before. Turns out my primary was two hours away due to insurance snafu and my idiocy, so a switch took a month. ( Medicare and medigap programs require rules to switch) I get Dr Damascusoldmanwhohateswomen and he referred the MRI and then had his receptionist read me the problems with my brain. No return visit or phone call even though I asked for one in Sept but I had already decided to switch to a new doc starting in OCt. I called around and got the best I heard.... silly wabbit.

I see DR TurdfaceScuzzymucker a total of two times... I really liked him. He was very patient the first time, urged me to get to a Neuro URGENTLY. so I got the appt, saw Dr TehranIamgodlikebrainiac for about 4 minutes the first time, where he asked me five questions, answered none of mine and he sent me for more tests, no answers to my questions about first MRI other than it must because I used to be a drug addict or I had a stroke.

A week later, after all the Angiograms, carotid and brain and eeg, and echocardiogram and carpal tunnel testing... Dr Tehran Brainiac gave me the results which took 6 minutes. He tells me: it could be from your psych meds (PTSD and all that shit) and walks out of the room. When I asked why I was dropping things with my right hand ( all my damage is in the left side) then he said must be stroke and walked out .... total time with me: 9 minutes in two visits. He has not returned my call or my primary doc back to answer my questions. Im on antidepressants and have been for 12 years. I take one med for panic. And they wouldnt leave white spots on my brain according to Dr W.

Dr Imaturdscuzzymucker the GP, primary doctor, had left his nurse a note after my visit requesting a second opinion from a different neuro, that I would need to find a new GP. I dont even know why. and like a school girl whose boyfriend broke up with her through his friend's reading a note to me, I started crying and asking why? what did I do to make him do that? the nurse just said that is what the note said. I asked him to call. ( he didnt) I called insurance who said have the referring ( Dr W) to call in for the specialist referral, and they tried but hes not my GP, so the sec called the GP and asked them to do it, and they would not. Finally, I called the medigap ppl, got an excellent supervisor who tried to find out what is going on, and who was yelled at by the nurse. She was telling him how his company worked. ... He was a perfect picture of calmness and very polite. After I interjected that the doc WAS on the plan ( they didnt want to make the call) she said they sent the request that morning. hmmph. The supervisor got her name and asked for a letter stating why they terminated my care. she said yes and hung up on him.

I know, I know, I m better off blah blah... but it means starting over again. He is seeking a new doc for my primary so I can start over again in Nov. with new referrals and so on. I think this sucks. I think old men who presume things suck. I think being sick sucks. I think American medical care sucks. I was written off ,I feel, by some old middle eastern men who didnt talk to me, only looked at a piece of paper and made alot of decisions INCORRECTLY about who and what I am therefore not having to treat me with any sort of care or compassion.

I guess I shall do nothing but keep on keeping on.

Special Note: Dr W, he has listened to my symptoms not just presumed I am damaged goods because I was addicted, gang raped or a battered woman or that I have a mental illness. He is taking it seriously since I am having sensory and motor skills problems that are escalating. I am particularly fond of my newest one... stuttering. It beats the tripping and walking into walls, facial numbness, going deaf periodically for a few seconds.


  1. Oh I am so sorry you are having this problem. Just when you need them the most you feel abandoned. I am glad you have somewhat of an advocate with your ins. co.

    My daughter had health problems two years ago and I don't know what she would have done if I hadn't been there to push, ask questions, yell (yep, I yelled at her surgeon).

    I would recommend you getting an advocate in a family member or a friend. It's not easy being agressive when you are the one sick. Let someone else do it for you!

    I'll be praying for you!

  2. too true.. literally have to fight to be heard or taken seriously. My mom is doing that for my kiddo in college. she is battling her weight and it turns out since she hit puberty that something is not right. she diets exercises etc and still gains. and they always say thyroid.
    She finally got a doc who caught something on a test, started a treatment and then had to leave practice cus of pay or something ( college kids with disabled parents dont have options for great insurance plans...) but shite, I have medicare and look at how great that is...

  3. I was recently diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder and I am so sorry to see you going through this, even if we don't have the same exact medical issue. I told my doctors over and over that something was not right, that exercise could not fix it, and that throwing more pills at me was not going to make it better. After having my doctor tell me that sensory issues are "mumbo jumbo" (yes, his words exactly), I tried one more doc. One appt. and he figured it out. I hope you're able to find a doc that works for you! I'll be praying for you:)

  4. thanks ritabop... hard to imagine a country as great as America can have such crappy medical system. Un caring docs, too long of a wait. pitiful. thankfully they found out what yours was. I had to switch docs again and Ill soon get started again.