Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on the Uzilla Crisis In America

Tensions are riding high now that news has spread she may flee the state and move to the midwest. Her current rate of "reporting" artists from online venues, whether they be grannies with a passion for knitting, or legitimate jewelry makers and suppliers is reaching a fever pitch.

Fake Twitter posts of a "concerned" taxpayer nut

She is averaging 1-2 posts a day on her blag of libel, and many are very understandably upset and confused by her unprovoked attacks on people's very livliehoods. I actually hear one moron remark, "if they are on the blog ( the targets) then they must be guilty!"

No dumbass, that means that one person with a vendetta and enough hate and medications to keep one awake for days at time, can ruin anyone's week or month or even a year's worth of work. To repair this legally takes time and money from our own businesses to fight the claims. And the courts DO NOT move quickly! So before opening your mouth about something you do not understand, perhaps it would behoove you to ask a few questions, google some info on Ullja Kuntze and her shady business dealings in the past before jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Many good honest sellers/artists are being maligned by this cankerous sore on the butt of humanity. It is time we take a stand and put some actions behind all the words of honesty, integrity and ethics. This means all of the handmade art community needs to support each other, not perpetuate the garbage that is spouted by one vile poisonous soul.

Just my opinions


  1. AMEN!! And VERY well said!

  2. Ya know something...even if you ARE audited by the IRS (my ex did that to me--wrote goofy letters to the IRS) and you ARE found to have "withheld" tax, then all that happens is you pay the tax, a finance charge, and you go on down the road with life. I didn't owe the tax, but I couldn't find supporting documentation to that effect, so it was easier to just pay the $1001. 78 and go down the road. No consequences, no hassles, no stigma.

  3. True, thankfully, I have documentation, but I am sure the IRS can always find something to say "Hi!" about. Its not worth fretting over to the point of closing stores cus of some goofus.

    But the other non educated goobers who blab crap without knowing the facts... well ....

  4. Hey cc - I thought twitter shut her down - did she open a new one? I don't do twitter but did someone report her? She is really crazy.

  5. She keeps popping up like dog doo on yer shoe...ever present. She does seem to be decompensating though. Anyone living near her prolly needs to keep vigilent though.