Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dear Pay Pal

I have written and called PP many times re this alleged human harassment of myself and other sellers. As her list grows so do the numbers of irate PP customers who have to deal with this woman's abuse of PP to attack our shops. Using PP is supposedly a privelege and has certain TOS ( see earlier posts) here is what I got back from Paypal and my reply.

............ the office of Executive Escalations.Your concerns were recently forwarded to our office. I apologize for the delay in responding to your email. I suggest that you attempt to resolve your issue through any means available to you such as an auction website (if one was used for this transaction), or through a law enforcement agency such as your local police department. You may also file a complaint against this person with the FBI at I again apologize for any inconvenience caused with respect to this matter. If you require clarification on any of the issues raised, please feel free to contact us directly at
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Sorry for the brevity of the other note...

She has been reported to
Harris COunty Sheriff
Her PD
Wordpress Shut her blog down which was spreading our personal info
Twitter ( which shut her vile info down)
State of Texas Comptroller CID

She now has been wrtten about in the consumerist. ( subsidary of consumer reports, which got picked up by Oregon Law review, Waco Tribune online and a few other legit consumer info sites. Ullja Kuntze bought others art beads and sold them as her own. Got found out and was removed from etsy, ebay and artfire. She has began a campaign of harassment via reporting ppl to agencies who have to deal with her. Police have shown up at ppls houses, tax auditors, tax agents, health dept agents and so on.

One of the women attacked had a stroke the day after her name and info and threats appeared on a blog.
She is still in the hosiptal. The Ullja has confirmed to her PD that she is doing it, in the name of protecting America. I can give you phone numbers and case numbers of all our complaints filed with agencies.

I have contacted an TX attny and engaged his services on behalf of the group of us ... we will need your assistance in our next step. We are willing to put the our money and MAJOR time into getting her harassment to stop.

She bought from some ONLY to get info such as our addresses or tax info/charges so she may write vile libelous things.

I only ask that you reconsider what you have decided and check the information out further. You have at least one hundred sellers of large amounts that have used paypal for years for both purchases and sales asking you PLEASE. The cumulative amount of transactions from us add up to a lot of money. There are hundreds more that are afraid they are next. Would it help if I got you a petition of sellers asking that this acct be suspended to stop further harassment? I can have it within a few days.

Your terms of service require us to operate in an ethical and proper way to have our priveleges. There is no mistaking her actions when you see her last 3 weeks of purchases, look at the pattern in there.

I implore you to revisit this issue. We were counting on paypal to help protect us in this form of attack. NONE of the entities listed above can do things b/c of state or federal laws have not been broken due to her location ( our cyber stalking laws dont take effect until September). The other ppl in other states have to fly here to file charges. It is outrageous what she has been allowed to do due to the flaws in the systems.

One last thing, before you decide to toss this in a heap. Please look at her website to understand what we are dealing with.

Thank you.




  1. wonderful! We should all cut copy and paste this and flood Paypal with this request.

  2. I m all for it. pass the link around will ya?


  4. This is terrible what she is trying to do. I hope something can be done about it.

  5. yeppers... she is low to go after family members of mine, for no reason other than how much she hates me. She is attacking ppls liveliehoods. Pitiful

  6. I love your multiple rapid carts for artist under seige, & your letter to paypal rocks.